Paying more for less at the Splash

13 Oct 2020
Cllr Kaleem Aksar at the Splash leisure centre


Malvern Liberal Democrats challenged District Council Leader, Sarah Rouse, on the future of Malvern Splash at the latest Malvern Hills District Council meeting.

After the significant £2.5 million additional support for the Leisure Centre contract during the Coronavirus pandemic, Cllr Kaleem Aksar asked how services would be improved for residents with all the new money being spent.

In response to being directly asked how services would be made better with the additional money, the Council leader said, "We're supporting freedom leisure to continue". Services will not be made better despite millions being spent. They will continue as before. In fact, some services such as the steam room are being cut back.

Cllr Aksar also asked what 'market testing' had been done to see what people in Malvern want from the Splash and what improvements could be made. No market testing was done and the council will not be asking for any. Without market testing, we don't know if another provider could have brought the investment to the Splash themselves rather than taxpayers footing the bill.

Cllr Kaleem Aksar, Liberal Democrat Leader on Malvern Hills District Council, commented that:

"It's very important that leisure services like The Splash are protected for the future so they can reopen for residents after Coronavirus. But we are deeply concerned that so much money is being spent without any improvement to services being offered to residents. In fact, some services are being cut! Malvern's Lib Dem Councillors will always call for value for money for taxpayers."