Redland and Cromwell Road Parking Petition ignored by County Council for three months

17 Nov 2020

A petition calling for a residents parking scheme on Cromwell Road and Redland Road in Malvern Link has still not been responded to by Worcestershire County Council after three months.

The petition, which received 63 signatures on these two roads alone, was sent to the County Council's Cabinet Member for Highways Cllr Alan Amos in early August. The District Councillors who organised the petition, Liberal Democrats Cllr Kaleem Aksar, and Cllr Neville Mills, have not received a reply as of the 17th November. Over three months after the signatures were submitted. Nor have the residents on Redland and Cromwell Roads who are dealing with the parking problems.

The County Council has also failed to remove old yellow lines from outside of a now demolished business premises. Instead, they have added more yellow lines to the road which has reduced the number of spaces residents can use and caused local people even more disruption.

This part of Malvern Link is seeing increasing numbers of people using residential roads for parking to visit shops and the train station. Some cars are left for days as people take long-distance trips by train and take up valuable car parking spaces in Malvern while they are hundreds of miles away from the town.

Cllr Kaleem Aksar outside the Council House September 2020


Cllr Kaleem Aksar, Liberal Democrat Leader on Malvern Hills District Council, commented that:

"The County Council has ignored the overwhelming response from residents on Redland and Cromwell Roads asking for a residents parking scheme."

"Not replying to residents' petitions for over three months is unacceptable of the County Council. If the County Council won't even respond to an issue that residents have raised, then what are residents meant to do?"