One in 3 miss work while waiting for healthcare

4 Dec 2023

The devastating poll reveals reasons people missed work in the past year include:

  • One in five working adults say that they have been unable to go to work while waiting to see their GP.
  • One in seven say they’ve had to take a significant length of time off work as they wait for NHS treatment or surgery for a health condition.
  • Just over one in ten missed work while stuck waiting for an emergency dental appointment.

This stark finding from a new Liberal Democrat poll does not surprise Dan Boatright -Greene, the Lib Dems Parliamentary Candidate for West Worcestershire. He has been hearing local people's  concerns on delayed access to  NHS and dentistry services for many months..“More people than ever are in pain and limbo waiting for appointments and routine surgery instead of being at work, often sick with worry about repeat prescription costs on top of rising bills. It’s a worry for employers too.  When talent is laid up, business and the economy suffer.” says Dan.

"The Conservatives have failed to show the same dedication and support to the NHS as its hard-pressed staff have done”  added Dan. “The Liberal Democrats would train and recruit more GPs and improve access to NHS dental services by improving the dentists' contracts so no one is forced to pay hundreds for private care or miss potentially life-saving  mouth screening," 

"Liberal Democrats believe in  improving access to the NHS so supporting people back into work quicker - not simply threatening withdrawal of benefits like the Conservatives.. A healthier workforce can deliver a healthier economy. to pay for needed improvements in the NHS."