Cllr Dan Boatright calls for A level results to follow teacher predictions

17 Aug 2020

Town and District Councillor for Pershore Dan Boatright (who is also a teacher in a sixth form college) has written to West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin to request that she supports using the predictions of our hard working teachers. Students need to be given the results that reflect what their schools have seen, not what a computer predicts.

Dan Boatright adds "Teachers up and down the country have worked tirelessly to ensure that the grades predicted were fair, in line with expectations, and enabled young people to progress to their desired destination (where possible). Schools and Colleges have put in clear systems to ensure rigour, and it is clear from the evidence that they have spent considerable time ensuring a balanced grade for each student.

To witness the huge disparity in results across the sector has been completely unacceptable. Sixth Form Colleges and schools with large cohorts have been treated differently to private institutions and those with small numbers of students. How is that fair? If the formula does not work for all grades then it is not scientifically valid to alter one group of figures, while leaving the others. It has also suggested that, as a society, we do not value the calculations made by sixth form college teachers, who have larger classes and are often less well paid, but we do value the opinions of private school teachers. Why are we treating these groups so differently?"

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